Hi — my name’s Jeremy Gordon, and I used to work at The Outline (RIP), Pitchfork, and SPIN. My newsletter, Air Gordon pt. 2, is named for my old Tumblr, and, obviously, the greatest basketball player of all-time.

I’m often interested in the messy ways that culture (meaning cultural items like music/movies/TV/video games/etc. but also the audiences, ideologies, market forces, etc. underpinning those items) collides with itself. That topic is occasionally too knotty or byzantine to untangle in a standard review or profile, so I’m using my newsletter to dig into that without the constricts of needing an “angle,” now that COVID-19 has dynamited what was already an ailing business model within my industry. Basically, I’m just trying to have a good time.

Outside of my sporadic newsletters, I’m found at places like The New York Times, The Nation, and Hazlitt. My personal website is here, and my Twitter is here. Get in touch!

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An interdisciplinary interrogation of the cultural, political, and social forces shaping our contemporary society aka. "my blog."


Jeremy Gordon
RIP The Outline