Subjects discussed: The Irishman, The Many Saints of Newark, Turnstile, TikTok, the scene teens
Subjects discussed: Golf, "Succession," Empire of Pain
Subjects discussed: Olivia Rodrigo, Twin Peaks: The Return, Coming 2 America, YouTube
Subjects discussed: Laziness, Philip K. Dick, my 2021
Subjects discussed: Kyrie Irving, Tenet, Lost, The Avalanches, Substack
The Year in Things I Wrote, in lieu of a new newsletter
On the dirtbag optimism of Richard Linklater and (gulp) Third Eye Blind
Visualizing the past, from the present
Monochromatic entitlement, in the NBA and elsewhere
The return of sports, and the insistence on our new normal
Randonauting toward greener pastures
Japandroids go further into that good night // A note on Air Gordon pt. 2